Kid Lit Love

I’ve met many people who love books. Moms at the playground who can talk for hours about the latest New York Times Best Sellers or the popular series that they lose sleep over in order to finish. Former English majors who still find themselves lost in the works of Austen and can debate with you endlessly over why or why not they compare with the television versions. But, if you’re like me, your love of literature stays mostly within the realms of children’s literature.
That’s why I’m here. To share that love with you. I write children’s literature. But it doesn’t end there. I also homeschool children who love to read. My hope is that this website is where those worlds collide. Where the fellow children’s writer can find encouragement and tips, and can share with me; and where the fellow mother and teacher can find encouragement about reading with their children and tips to go beyond the book.
I hope that we can explore children’s literature together. I hope you can learn from me, but I know I can also learn from you! Let’s revisit childhood favorites as well as explore new releases. Let’s discuss how to help our children go beyond the book to see connections to their own lives. Let’s learn how to write literature children can connect to and revisit. And let’s have fun!
Are you a fellow mom or teacher looking for book suggestions and teaching tips? Are you a fellow writer looking for a place to talk about the lit world? Let me know in the comments!

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