There is a Time – Part 2

Part 2, two years later? That’s right. It’s been over two years since part one, actually. It’s been two years since my last post on this blog. So much has happened in the last two years. Just like I said in “There is a Time (Part 1),” God created the seasons of our lives, and they do, in fact, change. Changes certainly happened for me and my family.

We packed up our home in the Southwest and headed back to the Northeast. The kids and I stayed in MA with my parents for Fall 2016-Spring 2017, while my husband stayed with his best friend in Central NY. Then in Spring 2017, we ALL moved to Central NY. All, meaning me, my husband, the kids, and my parents. Not only did we all move here, but we all moved in to one giant house together. Changes.

For the past year we’ve been slowly fixing up our “fixer upper.” Our fixer upper just so happens to be an old barn, built in 1878, turned into a house sometime in the 60s (we’re guessing). We knew the house would need some love, but we didn’t know it needed as much love as it does. That’s a story for another day.

And just as the snow finally melted in CNY about two weeks ago, I finally got back to writing. I am writing on an almost daily basis again. I recently attended an SCBWI regional conference, and have been making it to local “Shop Talk” in the West/CNY SCBWI region.

Lastly, I’m getting back to this blog, too. I’m excited to be back! Let me know what you’d like to read about here. Thanks! Happy reading and writing!


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